Monday, December 31, 2007

Photo of the day

The countdown has begun

Happy New Year everyone!!!

I am taking my first lot of pre comp photo's today so it will be a ritual on the first of every month for the next 4 months. I will post them as I go. I started my healthy eating plan 3 days ago it's amazing how quick the body responds I dropped 2kg's in 3 days, it will be a slower process as I don't want to drop to quickly and loose to much muscle. I now have to think about bikini choice so I'll be calling on Jo Rogers very soon for some suggestions. My husband is going to do my routine this time, he's great with things like that. He use to be the world whip cracking champion so he had to make his own routines to compete, he's very artistic. I am hoping to be able to get some sponsorship and also donations to help me get to America in November so I have to make sure I present the best package I possibly can in April. I hope everyone had a great new year, I was very good I had 1 red wine did the countdown thing with two girlfriends and over the phone with another group of friends that were down at the beach then went home and was in snooze land by 12.45am. I had to work for 5 hours today so didn't want to have a huge night. Chris is a bouncer so he got home about 6am, it's really hot and muggy here today so I doubt he will get a much sleep.

So here are my new year resolutions
1. Be the best wife I can
2. Keep focused on my goals for '08
3. Save money
4. Be a good friend
5. Take one day at a time in my comp prep
6. Get my PT Certificate started (at some point)
7. Do more on the weekends

Did anyone see Karen Flaherty on Today tonight last night? It was a great for her to get some publicity, I hope she gets some sponsorship out of it...

Take care everyone just about to go and do there photo's and do some cardio xx


I just want everyone to know I do read all of the bloggers blogs I have saved.I'm just slack at leaving messages. But thank you to everyone that leaves them for me, I love it!!!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

7 days to start '08 comp prep

Well I'm very excited as it's only 7 days till my comp prep starts. I'm going to enjoy Christmas and then head down bum up for a full on 2008.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and a safe New Year. I will be off line until New Year where the countdown to April begins..
Take care everyone


Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Training going well, had a polimedics p/t session yesterday morning and then went into town and did my Christmas shopping, trained back and shoulders last night, and went for an hour run this morning. Food intake OK trying to be good so I can have a nice Christmas Day and not feel guilty!! Starting prep on the 2ND Jan. Giving myself 16 week prep this time..

I have a G/F that is going to give it a go as well, she is doing so well I'm very proud of her. At the beginning of the year she weighed 82kg, at the moment she's sitting at 68kg's with a lot more muscle than earlier in the year.. Looking forward to seeing her progress in the next 4 months...

I have to say HELLO to Mel Bel who reads my blog all the time she is the sweetest, caring, thoughtful, beautiful friend anyone could have and I love her to death... HELLO SEXY BIATCH..

Looking at going away for the night next Wed for a ride on the Harley and a bit of husband/wife time, I am really looking forward to this.

I have applied for a new job within Westpac, at the branch as a Customer Service Consultant, need to get out of this call centre shit, had enough...
It will be better for training, sleeping, eating and my relationship. No fighting for shifts, holidays, public holidays etc.... Fingers crossed for me

Take care everyone xx

Thursday, December 13, 2007

19 Weeks

Yesterday I had the day off and I went with a G/F and nearly died doing a stair workout. There is a group of stairs 190 in fact that run up a steep hill, we cranked out 5 lots and I felt like I was going to vomit!! Nice, but felt I had achieved something after I had cooled down and got some fluid into me. I then went and did two peoples hair cut and colour, in the afternoon I went to my first naturopath appointment to see if she could help me with my Meniere's disease. If you have never heared of this before neither had I until about 6 months ago. Here's a rundown of it..
What is Meniere's Disease? Meniere's disease is a vestibular disorder that produces a recurring set of symptoms as a result of abnormally large amounts of a fluid called endolymph collecting in the inner ear.
Symptoms: During an attack of early-stage Meniere's disease, the main symptoms are spontaneous, violent vertigo, fluctuating hearing loss, ear fullness, and/or tinnitus. Following the attack, a period of extreme fatigue or exhaustion often occurs, prompting the need for hours of sleep. The periods between attacks are symptom-free for some people and symptomatic for others.
All in all not a great thing to have!! Oh well there are many other people with worse things going on. So my naturopath gave me a cocktail to take 3x a day we'll see if it helps.
Then I went to to gym with husband and we trained Back and Shoulders, we both had a great work out.. This morning I went with my G/F again and went for an hour run which included one set of those horrible stairs again. I felt really good after that, but sore now it's later in the day.. No pain no gain, but to much pain no train... as they say!!
I have been adding people to my Blog List slowly, I do read a lot of them when I'm at work, I'm looking forward to the support of everyone on the lead up to April.
Take care everyone

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


I spoke to Wayne from INBA today and made the decision to compete on 26th April in Melbourne, then again hopefully October and then on th San Francisco!! Even though I have already qualified for the Nationals '08 it will give me more focus and a closer goal rather than not doing another one till October. As I still have a lot to learn to be able to give my all internationally, I decided to put another comp in next year, stage practice and also learning more about how to get leaner. Now all I have to do is save, save, save!!! Money that is... 2009 is set for having a family, and maybe will don the stilettos again after having babies!! Now I feel better about my decision now I can train, train, train. I am so much better when I have a goal...


Sunday, December 9, 2007

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Girls in the big league!!

Need some motivation, this might help!


I'm not sure when to compete next. I was going to compete in March in Melbourne and then October in Queensland, but I found I have already qualified for the Nationals by winning in October. I'm not sure what to do?? I know my body would be able to cope but it's added expense having to travel from Tassie, accommodation and all the other things. Stage practice would be good but to what expense!! I weighed myself this morning and I'm still sitting at 58kg which is good. My eating has not been as good as I would have liked it to be. And neither has my training, I have to find some motivation..I will train in the morning then I have a wedding to go to, Sunday I will train again as Chris has a Christmas B.B.Q for his security work and I'm not going, he works from 9pm to 6am as a bouncer in a night club about an hour from where we live so he will stay down there and come home Sunday night.. So wedding by myself and Sunday by myself :(
Our new car is beautiful we are getting 20" wheels and tyres and having it lowered, my husband does love his toys!!! But I must admit it looks great...
Hope everyone has a great weekend and if you have any advise on when I should next compete let me know!!


Monday, December 3, 2007

Congratulations Karen!!

Karen on the left... Won Physique Olympia in Greece Woo Hoo!!

16 Weeks to go...

Sounds funny saying 16 weeks to go!! Always on the mind. I was told I would be better off not to compete in March and just do Nationals and Olympia next year, but I would really like to get more stage practice before the end of the year.. Oh well I think I'll stick to my plan and hopefully all goes well. Another weekend passed so quickly, why doesn't work go as fast? I trained legs and abs on Saturday. I'm having trouble finding exercises to get my bum bigger but not work my legs to heavily? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated... Saturday night I had a Hens night and my work dinner... The work dinner was funny everyone got smashed and all wrong things started going on. I was so glad I was not drinking!!! I ended up sleeping in Sunday and spending the whole day with Chris. I t was nice. Today I trained arms, it was hot and I got the old veins popping looked great!! Have been adding other things to my blog slowly getting there. I have decided to do my own prep for March and get the help of Jenny Lynn for the Nationals and San Francisco, surprised to see they had changed the country, but I heave heard San Fran is beautiful... Will still go to Mexico, Las Vegas Miami and LA. Can't wait.. New years day I start my prep again, in one way I am looking forward to it but on the other hand, been a bit of a slacker need to find my mojo again!! Tomorrow is cardio day, Wednesday will be back and shoulders and we pick up our new car... :) I was so excited to here Karen Flaherty won in Greece she must be so proud, I was thinking about her all day sending her my good luck vibes!! Well done to everyone that went over..

Take care xx