Friday, July 24, 2009

How slack have I been....

Hi everyone so sorry I have been so damn slack at posting, well the most exciting news I have is that I won the All Female Classic Open Division in Melb, YAY...... I was sooooo happy I nearly cried like a baby when they presented my trophy..... All the hard work paid off and let me tell you there was 16kg in 10 weeks of hard work, and I did it ALL by myself!!! Never again will I let myself get to that point again... I saw lots of bloggers at the comp and thank them for their support, and had a great team of Tassie support that came over to watch!!! Thank you Ray and Liv... I also won best routine, which I actually stuffed up (no one knew!!!!) and got a $600 pair of Versace sunnies, their sooo nice...It was great to catch up with lots of Melb friends, my friend Alastair White bought Shapes Gym now Doherty's 24 City gym in Flinders St so I was lucky enough to train their for the week leading up the the comp... You should drop in and say hello it's a very cool gym if you like old school gym's, it's in the Banana Vaults in Flinders St, they would love to show you round the place, Al's like a proud father..... I'm back in training no time off but have been enjoying food and a social life again in the past 2 weeks... Back into clean food on Monday, bring on the Aussie Title and Olympia I say, I hope everyone is well and I hope to not be as slack and start blogging more regularly xxxx

Monday, April 13, 2009

Video Diary 1 Done

Hi everyone I hope you all had a wonderful easter, I have done my first online video and will post it after 4 weeks, doing one every week, oh I have so far to go!!! SHIT...
Training has been going well and diet on track but hopefully the drop will start to happen quicker rather than later, I did stair work for cardio this morning with my friend Olivia and another chick called Donna who is trying to loose some weight, and weight training at 4 this afternoon, and some more cardio.
I'm heading to Melb again in 5 weeks to watch some friends compete in a NABBA show, so hopefully I'm looking a little more respectful by then..
I've been keeping in touch with Gus, the Brazilian I met on holidays, he is such a sweet guy, thought I'd share a picture with you all, all I can say is YUM!!! He He
My life in general is really good at the moment, finally at the point where I'm happy being on my own, and looking forward to the future whatever that may bring. I still miss my husband and wonder what my life would be like right now if we were still together, I bet I wouldn't have 14kg to get rid off!! I miss the extra cardio... No only myself to blame, me and food not a good mix!!!
I hope your all happy and training hard xx

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Great Holiday

I just spent 2 weeks away in Queensland and a few days in Melbourne, back to work and training tomorrow and D day starts as well, I went to the INBA Melb Title yesterday and was kicking myself that I didn't pull my finger out a 12 weeks ago, there was NO Open competitors so to qualify for the Olympia couldn't have been easier!!! No, I like a challenge and would rather compete against 12 girls and win rather than have it handed to me... There was only 40m competitors in total and there wasn't any sports model either, which I must say I wasn't unhappy about cause they give me the shits!! Out of the 40 people to compete there was 10 representing Tassie, I must have started something down there!!! I think the INBA should do a show down there, would be fun!!! I had a ball in Qld catching up with my brother and some good friends, I went sailing went to Noosa, went out, relaxed met the most perfect human specimen ever created, I have a new favourite nationality Brazilian's specifically by the name of Gus!!! Yum, that's all I can say.... I was spellbinded... 
I stayed with Al in Melbourne it was great to see him again, he makes me smile!!! I hope everyone is well, I'm starting my You Tube diary tomorrow so look out for it, should be interesting to watch the progress over the next 12 weeks... I'll probably do a few weeks then post it.... 
Take care xx

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Something Different

Things I LIKE about being single

1. Only having to clean up after myself
2. Watching what I want on T.V
3. Me being the only one spending MY money
4. Go to bed when I want
5. Go where I want, when I want
6. Meeting new people that I would not normally have met
7. Only cooking one lot of meals
8. Not having to be rude to men because you don't want to have to explain or feel like your doing the wrong thing by your beloved
9. Not having to think for a second person
10. Only having to pay for your own bills
11. Not having to worry about being lied to or hurt by anyone
12. Having the whole bed to myself
13. Doing only my washing
14. Being excited about finding someone to truly love me for me
15. Having no restrictions and not have someone say "I'd rather if you didn't"
16. Spending more time with friends
17. When dieting not having to worry about being crabby
18. Not having to share

Things I miss about NOT being single

1. That daily phone call even though you know you wake up and go to sleep next to them every day
2. Cuddles
3. Kisses
4. Training partner
5. Knowing your someones special someone
6. Cooking meals for them
7. Picking up there clothes
8. Having that person to share anything and everything with
9. Laying on the couch intertwined watching our favourite T.V shows
10. Going to the movies and dinner
11. Singing in the car together
12. Motorbike rides
13. Mind blowing SEX!!!
14. Laughing and just being able to be myself
15. Pet names that are made up for each other
16. Planning or dreaming things for the future
17. That empty feeling that your alone
18. Seeing something shopping that your partner would love and just buying it cause you know he'll enjoy it
19. Having that person tell you everything will be o.k when something goes wrong
20. Cuddles
21. Sick days staying in bed together ALL day
22. Spending time with that person and thinking that nothing else matters
23. Knowing you can do or say anything to someone and they still tell you they love you
24. Having showers together
25. Being supportive of the other persons dreams and ambitions
26. Feeling needed by someone
27. Being loved by someone unconditionally
28. Cuddles
29. That butterfly feeling you get when you look them in the eye
30. Worrying you may never get any of this again
31. Missing that person when there not around like a drug
31. Cuddles
32. Pinching there food when your out for dinner cause they always seem to pick better stuff than you
33. Having to start from scratch AGAIN
33. Oh and Cuddles

xx oo xx

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Just the thing I needed... Fun, fun, fun

Hi everyone, I have a fabulous weekend in Melbourne. I went to the Pro Show at the Dallas Brooks Centre.. Saw the big boys battle it out and all I have to say is WOW!!! Kai Greene what a super performer... None better, he is so professional yet fun and entertaining to watch... I went for dinner with a group of friends including P.J Mr Fit2Fat himself and Ellena Tsatsos, who I have competed against before but had never really had a chance to get to know her, she's a great chick also I was lucky enough to meet Donny Henderson Smith and his partner Haley, in the flesh for the first time, there such a beautiful couple!!! I want what they have... LOL

I stayed with my good friend Al White and we had a nice Sunday together and then went for Pizza Night which is a tradition the group have every Sunday night, I was even tempted to take on P.J in an eating comp!!! His belly is so funny, he got up on stage at the Pro Show and I could not stop laughing, he looks like E.T!!! Very cute... I had the best pancakes EVER and I mean EVER at a restaurant in Chappell Street, they had yogurt and blueberry's on them oh my god I cant tell you how good they were... MMMMMMMMMMMM.. Most people go there to shop and I go there to eat!!!

I saw a few people over the weekend that will be competing at the All Female's against me not naming any names but let me tell you I need to pull the finger out and start some serious dieting... This person was looking great, but I know at my best I will look better.... The time has come to stop making excuses, GAME ON BITCHES!!! (In a nice way!!)

I love Melbourne, I'm thinking sometime during the year I may end up moving over there.

All in all I had a fab weekend, thanks to everyone on your thoughts on the You Tube thing, I'm going to start it when I get back from Holidays..... I can't wait I travel to Brisbane on Sunday to stay with my younger brother who lives up there, he got drafted with the Brisbane Lions last year so I haven't seen him since Christmas, then I'll go down to the Gold Coast for about a week then I travel back down to Melb for another 4 days and will go and watch the Melb Title, probably wishing I'de pulled my finger out a long time ago...... Oh well, now is the time and look out!!!! Hope to catch up with any of you that may be in Brisbane, GC or Melb while I'm there... Hope everyone is well xxx

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What do you think???

Well I've been considering to put together a weekly You Tube video over the next 16 weeks leading up to the All Females in July, covering my change in physique and some training video's and what I do for cardio and other stuff like posing practice etc... I was thinking not only will this help me stay on track, like I would have to answer to a computer screen every week, as I have no support network at home as I use to, no personal trainer or dietitian to keep me on the right track.. I know what has to be done and know I can do it, it's just a matter of pulling my finger out and having something other than myself to be accountable to.... Also I think it's so interesting some of the ones I have watched on the net of people's transformations... As I have let myself put on a few extra kg's than I would have liked (own fault, no one else to blame) it should be an interesting journey.... So what do you think????

I have had so many thoughts about weather or not I even want to compete again, but I want to prove to myself I can get there again....

I have started reading the Twilight series of books and I'm hooked... I'm on to the second book now!! Even my work mates are shocked, I was outside having lunch reading the other day and a workmate asked if I was alright!! I said yeah why??? They commented that they had never seen me read a book other than a Fitness Magazine in nearly 5 years!!! I laughed and said I was o.k and had found a new thing to do to relax!!!! I cant wait to see the movie now....

No contact with the ex in a long time.... I did send him a text asking him if he thought how strange it was not having any contact with someone for so long that he once loved enough to marry... It just seems so weird to have been in such a committed relationship as marriage then poof seeming not to care or contact or even a hello as if I don't exist... Maybe it's a harder thing to comprehend than him as I did truly adore and love him... Oh well, his choice...

I'm excited about my trip to Melbourne this weekend to watch the Pro Show, sounds like they have got an awesome line up to watch!!! Should give me that boost of motivation needed!! I'm staying with my good friend Al, haven't seen him since his visit to Tassie, it will be nice to spend a few days catching up.... He's also in comp prep mode, but unlike me has the strongest willpower and determination I have ever seen in a human!!! Got to love that!!!

Work is still boring the life out of me... I applied for another job as a coke rep the other day, see if I get a response from these guys.. I have started to walk to work now it's just over 5 km there and then home again, I'm going to do this Tue and Thu and RPM Mon Wed and Fri mornings...

I have been reading many of your blogs but I'm a slack ass, and don't comment on them enough..... Love all your work weather it be about a comp prep, having a general whinge about life or anything else that takes your fancy I love reading and keeping up to date in so many people's lives...

Take care, eat well, train hard and smile lots xxx

Friday, February 20, 2009

Wooh Hoo Weekend

It's my favourite time of the week again, not a lot planned this weekend other than gym in the morning and lunch with a girlfriend on Sunday, I'll get to meet her new man for the first time... Very happy for her as she has been single for quite some time..

I received a beautiful e-mail this morning from someone from my gym, so if your reading this..... THANK YOU

I'm booked to go to Melbourne on the 14th March to watch a the Pro Show that Doherty's Gym is putting together, so that will be fun... If anyone is going send me a message would love to catch up..... I'm also booking a holiday back to the Gold Coast at the end of March and beginning of April for 2 weeks, I'll stay with my little brother in Brisbane for a few days, he got drafted with the Brisbane Lyons and lives with 3 other AFL footballers so that will be interesting!!! Then I'll go and stay with a few of my friends that I met when I was up there. I'm then going to Melb to watch the Melb Title and cheer on my fellow Tasmanian's that are competing.

Something to look forward to in the next month, It'll be my supposed 2 year wedding anniversary on the 25th March and I'll be in Qld so a night out and a few drinks wont go astray that night I'm sure!!!

Have a great weekend everyone, be safe and have fun