Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Training going well, had a polimedics p/t session yesterday morning and then went into town and did my Christmas shopping, trained back and shoulders last night, and went for an hour run this morning. Food intake OK trying to be good so I can have a nice Christmas Day and not feel guilty!! Starting prep on the 2ND Jan. Giving myself 16 week prep this time..

I have a G/F that is going to give it a go as well, she is doing so well I'm very proud of her. At the beginning of the year she weighed 82kg, at the moment she's sitting at 68kg's with a lot more muscle than earlier in the year.. Looking forward to seeing her progress in the next 4 months...

I have to say HELLO to Mel Bel who reads my blog all the time she is the sweetest, caring, thoughtful, beautiful friend anyone could have and I love her to death... HELLO SEXY BIATCH..

Looking at going away for the night next Wed for a ride on the Harley and a bit of husband/wife time, I am really looking forward to this.

I have applied for a new job within Westpac, at the branch as a Customer Service Consultant, need to get out of this call centre shit, had enough...
It will be better for training, sleeping, eating and my relationship. No fighting for shifts, holidays, public holidays etc.... Fingers crossed for me

Take care everyone xx


Shar said...

Have a great bit of husband/wife time! Sounds fab.

Also good luck with your job.

Shar x

Charlotte Orr said...

Hi Ursula, good luck with your job application, and have a great Christmas! Cheers, Charlotte

Tara said...

Hi Ursula, best of luck with the job application. Hope that you have a wonderful Xmas and New Year. Here is to a fantastic 2008!!!

Tara xx

Antigone said...

Good luck with the job darl :)
Have fun with hubby and enjoy the ride i would so love to ride a motor bike :)
Have a great weekend darl :)