Monday, December 3, 2007

Congratulations Karen!!

Karen on the left... Won Physique Olympia in Greece Woo Hoo!!


Steph said...

Woah! You could bounce coins off their....well....everywhere!!! I bet even their toenails have muscles!

Nic said...

Hi Ursula,
It sounds like you are managing your diet great by yourself so doing it yourself this time makes sense & then you can see how you go after that.

I am not sure about my next comp. I have a few challenges to get over...the first is better managing my off season weight and then it is working out if I can fit in comp prep with my job. If I do compete next year it is likely to be Sep/Oct.

Did you compete at INBA nationals this year?

Have a good week,

RaeC said...

Karen looks great... actually all the girls do!! They did so well didn't they?

Have a great day Ursula and good luck with the start of your comp prep, I for one will be reading and cheering you on.

You are going to learn so much about yourself and your body by preparing yourself. My view of myself in the lead up to comp is so distorted that I need my Coach as an honest eye. I can think myself ontrack one day and the next I'm panicking because I think I look further away than what I should be, as we women tend to do!!

Have a great day xxx

Brian said...

Hi Ursula, I'm just wondering if you could post some diet tips, good luck with the comps. Isis.