Monday, April 13, 2009

Video Diary 1 Done

Hi everyone I hope you all had a wonderful easter, I have done my first online video and will post it after 4 weeks, doing one every week, oh I have so far to go!!! SHIT...
Training has been going well and diet on track but hopefully the drop will start to happen quicker rather than later, I did stair work for cardio this morning with my friend Olivia and another chick called Donna who is trying to loose some weight, and weight training at 4 this afternoon, and some more cardio.
I'm heading to Melb again in 5 weeks to watch some friends compete in a NABBA show, so hopefully I'm looking a little more respectful by then..
I've been keeping in touch with Gus, the Brazilian I met on holidays, he is such a sweet guy, thought I'd share a picture with you all, all I can say is YUM!!! He He
My life in general is really good at the moment, finally at the point where I'm happy being on my own, and looking forward to the future whatever that may bring. I still miss my husband and wonder what my life would be like right now if we were still together, I bet I wouldn't have 14kg to get rid off!! I miss the extra cardio... No only myself to blame, me and food not a good mix!!!
I hope your all happy and training hard xx

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Great Holiday

I just spent 2 weeks away in Queensland and a few days in Melbourne, back to work and training tomorrow and D day starts as well, I went to the INBA Melb Title yesterday and was kicking myself that I didn't pull my finger out a 12 weeks ago, there was NO Open competitors so to qualify for the Olympia couldn't have been easier!!! No, I like a challenge and would rather compete against 12 girls and win rather than have it handed to me... There was only 40m competitors in total and there wasn't any sports model either, which I must say I wasn't unhappy about cause they give me the shits!! Out of the 40 people to compete there was 10 representing Tassie, I must have started something down there!!! I think the INBA should do a show down there, would be fun!!! I had a ball in Qld catching up with my brother and some good friends, I went sailing went to Noosa, went out, relaxed met the most perfect human specimen ever created, I have a new favourite nationality Brazilian's specifically by the name of Gus!!! Yum, that's all I can say.... I was spellbinded... 
I stayed with Al in Melbourne it was great to see him again, he makes me smile!!! I hope everyone is well, I'm starting my You Tube diary tomorrow so look out for it, should be interesting to watch the progress over the next 12 weeks... I'll probably do a few weeks then post it.... 
Take care xx