Thursday, January 31, 2008

Motivating Pictures

Another Day Down!!!

Well it's that time of the week again, my favourite.....
I’ve had a great week training and eating and look forward to the following 12 weeks. I have been reading a lot of blog's recently and have learnt quite a bit from a lot of people.. I am hoping that I will still be able to blog when I start this new job, or I might just have to get a computer at home.. It's been a long time coming. I have started to up my water intake and feel I'm always on the toilet again!!!
I have a hen’s day on Saturday and also a friends 21st birthday, Sunday will be left for rest day...
I hope everyone is doing well, and has a nice weekend


Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Got the job!!

I found out yesterday that I was successful in my application for the Branch role I applied for a month ago.... It's been a long time waiting but was worth the wait in the long run. I start my new role on the 18th Feb. My husband also starts a new job on the same day, managing a company’s security, his dream job, so let’s hope they both work out for each of us. Training has been going well it's 12 weeks this Saturday so I have to do my first fat test as I call the... To see what my B/F reading is at the moment. I don't take the reading as gospel but if it goes down every 2 weeks I know I'm on track.. I need to be slightly leaner this time round so will assess the diet and cardio as I go along.

I was looking at Jenny Lynn's web site to book in for her Melbourne seminar but I was unsure if I did it through that or the Gym she's coming to? If anyone has already booked let me know how you did it, please...

I will get my music cut this week and start putting together my routine; I'll also start posing practice....

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Weekend again!!! YAY

Well it's that time again and it's a long weekend, thank gosh... I was so excited to hear that Jenny Lynn is coming to Melbourne... I hope to see a few bloggers there!!! Have a great long weekend everyone, it's good to be an Aussie, Happy Australia Day!!! Train hard and eat well...


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

New Shoes

Yesterday on my day off I did a stair session and an hour walk in the morning, in the afternoon I trained shoulders and triceps with Chris. I had a yummy dinner of steak and greens and ate 100% clean all day. I weighed myself this morning and I was 59.4kg. I also went and got some new runners, there great I have always been a Nike girl but my husband got a pair of Brooks and said they were great and heaps of people I have talked to recommend them as well. I got the purple ones.. This morning I went for a run and plan to train back arms and abs tomorrow as well as some cardio. The 12 week countdown starts on the 2nd Feb so getting rather excited about that. I will need to do some investigating on fish preparation for this prep as last time it was a disaster I didn't know how to cook it or what kind to get it was very unsuccessful, so if anyone has any tips on preparing fish or chicken meals for contest preparation please HELP me!!!

Hope everyone is well and training hard xx

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Another Day

Had a good day today, got up early and went for a 7k run with my training buddy and had a great day of clean eating.. Things are looking up. Tomorrow I have the day off and have planned to do the gruelling stair climb 5 times and run the zig zag track which runs over a cataract gorge.. It's a great run very beautiful if you have ever been to Tassie. 2 days of eating 100% clean and feeling much better about the next three months.. Tomorrow I will also train shoulders and back... And cook some chicken. Don't we love chicken!!! LOL

You'll all appreciate today's picture, I had to laugh when I saw it..

Have a great day everyone


Sunday, January 20, 2008

Lost my funk!!

How slack have I been, it's been ages since I have written on here. I am in such a hole at the moment and I can't seem to get out.. I wouldn't say it's laziness well it might be a little bit of that but I just don't seem to have any motivation. I should be getting excited about April but I just keep putting things off mainly cardio!!! I dislike it so much... LOL But unfortunately I am the kind of person that has to do copious amounts to get results.. I read the other day a figure girl was having a winge that she had to do 30min of cardio 3 times a week! I laughed, the poor girl... I'm more like 3 hours a day:(

My poor husband gets his head bitten off when he reminds me how long it is until April and reminds me I'm not competing in novice any more and have to pick up my game this time to be competitive. I should listen to every word that comes out of his mouth cause he seems to always be right!!! I have to draw the line between husband and trainer..

Well I'm just going to have to find some funk from somewhere.. I don't think it helps when you dislike your job and you just feel out of sorts.

On a more positive note, there will be 4 girls coming over to the April comp to compete for the first time. 3 of which I'm helping out with whatever I can, as I know how daunting it was for me last year.. It should be a little easier this time as I will have more cardio training partners to push me that little bit harder.. There also bringing over more people to fill the crowd with Tassie supporters, so it's not so quiet when we grace the stage~!!

I have decided to use my last year bikini again and may get another one for the Nationals. I have chosen my music and started the routine. I just have to get my head in the zone!!

I had an interview for the branch job I put in for. I think it went well, should here back by the end of the week if I was successful.

I am still really keen to start my Cert III and IV I'm going to do it with FITNATION.

I rang my g/f today and told her we need to meet every morning, I'm heaps better if I have to meet someone cause if I don't go I feel I have let them down so I told her from now on it's an every day appointment...

Hope every one in blog land is well and on track......

Take care, xx

Will make sure I start blogging every day.....

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Great Weekend

Well it's the start of a new week. I had a fantastic weekend, I had Wed, Thu, Fri off work and enjoyed the beautiful weather we're having in Tassie at the moment. I enjoyed a couple of good cardio sessions and ate rather well. Saturday I trained shoulders and abs and did an RPM session then went with my husband and two girlfriends to Devenport where Chris usually work as a bouncer we had dinner and a night of dancing finishing up at about 6am I had the best night, great to dance it up with hubby and friends as I usually stay home as Chris works most Saturday nights. Chris turns 30 on Thursday so it was a night out for his birthday, I had a ball.. So yesterday was a very lazy day on the couch recovering... Today I got up and went for a run for an hour then back to work. I haven't heared back from my job application as yet, it's been a while maybe they don't want me :(
Tomorrow might be sprint and arm day..

Take care everyone xx