Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Hi there everyone, hope you're all well... Just a quick post to tell everyone I'm moving to the Gold Coast in 7 weeks, to start a new life by myself... I'm really looking fwd to the sea change and to be able to focus on training and winning an Australian Title!! (Hopefully)
I've decided to postpone the America Trip for Olympia till next year, give myself another 12 months of training so I can go over with more experience and knowledge, not to mention more money!!!

I'll be living in Southport with a girl I met on Facebook who works with the team at ASN, hopefully in the new year a position with the company will come up and I'll be able to work with something I love... "The Industry"

I'm travelling to Melbourne on the Spirit of Tassie and arriving in time to help out at the Vic Title on the 4th Oct, hope to see many of you there.. And if you need a hand backstage, give me a yell!!!

I'm then road tripping to Qld by myself, god help me.... I'll probably end up in Adelaide!!! Competing in the INBA Aussie Title on 18th Oct then taking myself on well deserved holiday to Thailand with some friends... So all in all lots going on.

My husband and I are no longer together and I just hope his 19 year old girlfriend makes him happy!!! (until the bills, washing, ironing, groceries, cooking, cleaning, takes a hold lol!!)
Time to find someone who will love me as much as I love them......
What has taken place in the last few weeks will only make me a stronger person, inside.... I'm sure all you lovely ladies out there who have been through similar hear me!!

Well everyone train hard and be happy,

will post again soon..... xxxx