Monday, December 31, 2007

The countdown has begun

Happy New Year everyone!!!

I am taking my first lot of pre comp photo's today so it will be a ritual on the first of every month for the next 4 months. I will post them as I go. I started my healthy eating plan 3 days ago it's amazing how quick the body responds I dropped 2kg's in 3 days, it will be a slower process as I don't want to drop to quickly and loose to much muscle. I now have to think about bikini choice so I'll be calling on Jo Rogers very soon for some suggestions. My husband is going to do my routine this time, he's great with things like that. He use to be the world whip cracking champion so he had to make his own routines to compete, he's very artistic. I am hoping to be able to get some sponsorship and also donations to help me get to America in November so I have to make sure I present the best package I possibly can in April. I hope everyone had a great new year, I was very good I had 1 red wine did the countdown thing with two girlfriends and over the phone with another group of friends that were down at the beach then went home and was in snooze land by 12.45am. I had to work for 5 hours today so didn't want to have a huge night. Chris is a bouncer so he got home about 6am, it's really hot and muggy here today so I doubt he will get a much sleep.

So here are my new year resolutions
1. Be the best wife I can
2. Keep focused on my goals for '08
3. Save money
4. Be a good friend
5. Take one day at a time in my comp prep
6. Get my PT Certificate started (at some point)
7. Do more on the weekends

Did anyone see Karen Flaherty on Today tonight last night? It was a great for her to get some publicity, I hope she gets some sponsorship out of it...

Take care everyone just about to go and do there photo's and do some cardio xx


I just want everyone to know I do read all of the bloggers blogs I have saved.I'm just slack at leaving messages. But thank you to everyone that leaves them for me, I love it!!!


Anonymous said...

Good luck with ur comp prep and training this year.

I saw Karen Flaherty last night, she looks amazing!

Charlotte Orr said...

Hi Ursula,
Happy New Year!
Shame that Lindy didn't get back to you. You did a great job f your comp prep last year so I'm sure you'll be fine for this one.

Magda said...

Hi Ursula,

Happy New Year.

I hope you achieve your goals and make 2008 even better than 2007. All the best for getting to the USA and I'll be following your journey with interest.



Raechelle said...

Good luck! I look forward to seeing your progress pics!