Thursday, December 6, 2007


I'm not sure when to compete next. I was going to compete in March in Melbourne and then October in Queensland, but I found I have already qualified for the Nationals by winning in October. I'm not sure what to do?? I know my body would be able to cope but it's added expense having to travel from Tassie, accommodation and all the other things. Stage practice would be good but to what expense!! I weighed myself this morning and I'm still sitting at 58kg which is good. My eating has not been as good as I would have liked it to be. And neither has my training, I have to find some motivation..I will train in the morning then I have a wedding to go to, Sunday I will train again as Chris has a Christmas B.B.Q for his security work and I'm not going, he works from 9pm to 6am as a bouncer in a night club about an hour from where we live so he will stay down there and come home Sunday night.. So wedding by myself and Sunday by myself :(
Our new car is beautiful we are getting 20" wheels and tyres and having it lowered, my husband does love his toys!!! But I must admit it looks great...
Hope everyone has a great weekend and if you have any advise on when I should next compete let me know!!



Magda said...

Hi Ursula,

I'm a relative newbie to all this but my 2c worth would be to save yourself for 1 show/time of year. Leaning down for 2 (or more) can be very taxing both physically and mentally. Aim to be "superb" for 1 show rather than "good" for 2.

Good luck with whatever you choose. I know you'll continue to go from strength to strength.



Charlotte Orr said...

Hi Ursula, I think it depends on what your goals are for next year. Do you want to try to qualify to compete overseas? Is your qualification for the Nationals as a novice? Can you go overseas as a novice competitor or do you have to be intermediate or open? Qualifying for a different class might be easier earlier in the year (and might help spread your expenses out) but then you'd have to do all the preparation again at the end of the year. Sorry, has probably just given you more to think about! Hope you have a nice weekend - enjoy the wedding!