Saturday, April 19, 2008

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Countdown Time


Thank you everyone for your encouraging words, I have missed blogging while I have had no computer access. I'm really happy with how Ive come up this time and only a week to go... My abs are a lot better this time, I can't stop looking at them and I will be leaner than last time which was a goal I set myself, I have found this prep slightly easier than last time due to not having the stress of first time nerves, like do I look good enough, what happens on the day, what other people will look like etc....
I've had a few dramas in my personal life during this prep but I made a conscious effort to try and not think about them while I've been prepping. That's a struggle in itself, I'll fill you in on that after next week and maybe get some advise from all you lovely ladies out there...

It's been great to read all of your blogs now I'm back on line...
My new job doesn't give me quite so much time but I'll try my hardest to keep up to date!!

I joined face book also so if your on there drop me a friend request. Ursula Kate Beck (for some reason I put my middle name!!)

Current stats: Weight 54kg, 9% B/F and a full six pack, I'm loving the mirror at the moment!!!

Have to do a guest stage pose during PUMP class at my gym tomorrow witch will be fun along with the other 2 Tassie competitors that I somehow inspired to compete, one male Novice who looks absolutely amazing and a female Novice who has done a great job for her first time, she's only a baby 18 and I'm very proud of her...

If any of you are free on the 26th April please come and support Team Tassie, cause we need all the support possible!!!

Take care everyone and I will endeavour to post some photo's over the weekend of my gym appearance and prep progress..


Friday, April 11, 2008

Still Alive

Hi everyone, just a quick hello and to let you know I'm still alive and going well on the countdown to the last 2 weeks before I step on stage again. Diet and training going well, routine and everything else on track, hope you are all well