Monday, December 3, 2007

16 Weeks to go...

Sounds funny saying 16 weeks to go!! Always on the mind. I was told I would be better off not to compete in March and just do Nationals and Olympia next year, but I would really like to get more stage practice before the end of the year.. Oh well I think I'll stick to my plan and hopefully all goes well. Another weekend passed so quickly, why doesn't work go as fast? I trained legs and abs on Saturday. I'm having trouble finding exercises to get my bum bigger but not work my legs to heavily? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated... Saturday night I had a Hens night and my work dinner... The work dinner was funny everyone got smashed and all wrong things started going on. I was so glad I was not drinking!!! I ended up sleeping in Sunday and spending the whole day with Chris. I t was nice. Today I trained arms, it was hot and I got the old veins popping looked great!! Have been adding other things to my blog slowly getting there. I have decided to do my own prep for March and get the help of Jenny Lynn for the Nationals and San Francisco, surprised to see they had changed the country, but I heave heard San Fran is beautiful... Will still go to Mexico, Las Vegas Miami and LA. Can't wait.. New years day I start my prep again, in one way I am looking forward to it but on the other hand, been a bit of a slacker need to find my mojo again!! Tomorrow is cardio day, Wednesday will be back and shoulders and we pick up our new car... :) I was so excited to here Karen Flaherty won in Greece she must be so proud, I was thinking about her all day sending her my good luck vibes!! Well done to everyone that went over..

Take care xx


Charlotte Orr said...

Hi Ursula, check out this webpage for some glute exercises:

Cheers, Charlotte

Ursula Beck said...

Thanks Charlotte

Antigone said...

Hey there :)
Sounds like you have had a nice weekend and even managed to fit in workouts good on you :) Better than me i have been so very slack!
Hope you have a great week and good luck with your comp prep :)