Wednesday, January 23, 2008

New Shoes

Yesterday on my day off I did a stair session and an hour walk in the morning, in the afternoon I trained shoulders and triceps with Chris. I had a yummy dinner of steak and greens and ate 100% clean all day. I weighed myself this morning and I was 59.4kg. I also went and got some new runners, there great I have always been a Nike girl but my husband got a pair of Brooks and said they were great and heaps of people I have talked to recommend them as well. I got the purple ones.. This morning I went for a run and plan to train back arms and abs tomorrow as well as some cardio. The 12 week countdown starts on the 2nd Feb so getting rather excited about that. I will need to do some investigating on fish preparation for this prep as last time it was a disaster I didn't know how to cook it or what kind to get it was very unsuccessful, so if anyone has any tips on preparing fish or chicken meals for contest preparation please HELP me!!!

Hope everyone is well and training hard xx


Anonymous said...

Ive heard great reports about brooks as well. They look great, let us know how they go.

RaeC said...

Hi Ursuala,

If you can find Red Emperor fish, then it is expensive but so worth it!! When it's good fish like that I just lightly spray olive oil on a non-stick pan and just season with salt & pepper.

Another recipe for fish is take your piece of fish and pop it in the centre of a square of alfoil or bottom of a baking tray, layer some veg over the top like thinly sliced or "Matchsticked" (a word) zucchini, onion, mushrooms, etc, squeeze of lemon, salt, pepper and freshly chopped dill, wrap the package up or cover the tray with alfoil and bake until when you check the fish with a fork it flakes. You can really experiment with different herbs and seasonings with this one and your fish and veg are in the one dish. Have a great weekend xxx

Charlotte Orr said...

Hi Ursula, I have had Brooks for my last three sets of runners and love them.
There is a Garlic Chicken recipe in my blog that I find good for dieting. There is also a good baked fish recipe here:
Are you going to go to Jenny Lynn's Fit Camp in May?

Kie said...

Hey I was also a nike girl but changed to brooks a couple of years ago. Good choice (-:
Kie xx

Melanie said...

Cool shoes :)I'm more of a sketchers girl- only because my feet are weird shaped and sketchers are the only comy fit! Lol

Everything has been going well for me, thanks for asking :) I'll prob update my blog on Sunday- havent had much spare time since starting fulltime work!

I'm a bit fuzzled when it comes to cooking fish- probably cos I aint a huge fan of fish full stop, but chicken can always be blinged up with herbs and spices, even adding things like ff cottage cheese and spinach and wraping it up in chicken breast is pretty nice. Theres a billion good things to do with chicken!