Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Another Day

Had a good day today, got up early and went for a 7k run with my training buddy and had a great day of clean eating.. Things are looking up. Tomorrow I have the day off and have planned to do the gruelling stair climb 5 times and run the zig zag track which runs over a cataract gorge.. It's a great run very beautiful if you have ever been to Tassie. 2 days of eating 100% clean and feeling much better about the next three months.. Tomorrow I will also train shoulders and back... And cook some chicken. Don't we love chicken!!! LOL

You'll all appreciate today's picture, I had to laugh when I saw it..

Have a great day everyone



Anonymous said...

Love todays pic.

Glad things are going a lot more smoothly for you.


Antigone said...

Very funny pic hun :)
It sucks when you lose your 'funk' i knkow this feeling all too well I wish you all the best for a smasshing week of training and clean eating :)
Have a great day hu :)

Good to have you back :)

Charlotte Orr said...

Hi Ursula,
Hope things are going a bit better for you now. I decide I will go to the Get Ready seminar. What about you?