Sunday, January 6, 2008

Great Weekend

Well it's the start of a new week. I had a fantastic weekend, I had Wed, Thu, Fri off work and enjoyed the beautiful weather we're having in Tassie at the moment. I enjoyed a couple of good cardio sessions and ate rather well. Saturday I trained shoulders and abs and did an RPM session then went with my husband and two girlfriends to Devenport where Chris usually work as a bouncer we had dinner and a night of dancing finishing up at about 6am I had the best night, great to dance it up with hubby and friends as I usually stay home as Chris works most Saturday nights. Chris turns 30 on Thursday so it was a night out for his birthday, I had a ball.. So yesterday was a very lazy day on the couch recovering... Today I got up and went for a run for an hour then back to work. I haven't heared back from my job application as yet, it's been a while maybe they don't want me :(
Tomorrow might be sprint and arm day..

Take care everyone xx


Ali said...

I've never been to Tassie, however was just thinking yesterday in fact how nice it must be in the middle of summer!!

happy Birthday to your other half and I agree dancing with mates is great!!

take care and good luck with the job

Ali xxx

Antigone said...

Happy birthday to hubby :)
I would love to go and dance the night away with hubby but he isn't really a dancer he hass 2 left feet i reckon LOL
I hope you have recovered hun, have a agreat day :)

RaeC said...

Sounds like a fun night was had by all!! Don't stress on how long they are taking to decide on the role you applied for. They wanted to make a decision straight away with the one I applied for, but it took a couple of weeks due to Christmas and the New Year with the time that people who made the decision were taking off. I have my fingers crossed for you :o)

Antigone said...

How you going hun?
Hope your having a great week :)