Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Scale report.....

One of my favourite pics for you....

We learn something new everyday; it’s funny what people say to you on the phone… I work at Westpac in a call centre and a guy just called from Fyshwick ACT, and he felt it necessary to tell me it was the Porn Capital of Australia…. I’m not sure what this has to do with Banking but as they say it takes all sorts!!!! 2 funny and hello to anyone that lives there……

Training going well, first scale report and not liking it at all but it had to be done, 65.3kg….. As of today..
I’ve eaten 100% clean for 4 days now I know this doesn’t sound long but I think it’s the hardest part… Once you start and feel better for it and you can see the results it makes it easier to keep going.

I have someone helping me with my prep this year, this will be a nice change as I have always done everything by myself, to have someone with a world of knowledge to help me will be great…. 100% dedication is my attitude, I want this person helping me to know how much I appreciate his help so will give it my all…. Thanks Boss, if you’re reading this!!!

Not a lot else happening in the world of Ursula, I have applied for a new job so waiting to hear back from that, a total change from banking witch will be nice and I also have found somewhere to live.. So this will be good to have a little more stability in my life.. I still everyday miss my old life, my husband, house, dog, cat, work and gym but things change and I have to learn to adapt better to change than I have been of late.

I hear a whisper that there is a new gym opening in Launceston, woop woop and it’s gunna shit ova all the gyms we currently have here at the moment… So that’s a bit exciting, but also a long way off opening…..

Take care train hard, eat well



Ezza said...

Awesome pic Ursula... I wanna look like you when I grow up! :-) xox

SeLiNa said...

Man, that's a HOT pic!
Thanks babe for your message on my blog, and I'm so sorry to hear you're having such a bad time with it all. I do remember reading your post (that you must have deleted now? when I first commented to you anyway).
Isn't it funny though, when it's you going through it, you feel like NO ONE out there, NO ONE in the whole entire world could possibly understand or feel how you do... you just want do DIE. When people told me it will take time I thought "bullcrap they don't really understand" and you feel you will NEVER EVER get over it. I still don't know if I will. At times the pain is dulled a bit, although it still kills, especially when you keep getting that knife twisted in your heart a little bit more with each time they rub it in your face in some way. I'm sure you've had moments where you feel like the incredible woman you are, and then days when you just crumble. We're human, and even if they dont - WE have emotions and it shows just how much of ourselves and our HEART we gave to them, only to have it thrown back in the most disrespectful and degrading way. I really truly do believe in karma, and they're gonna get it back 10 fold.
I hope one day you will find a person who deserves the love you have to give.
Thinking of you heaps, and I will be watching the TV tonite. I will throw projectiles, I just hope my TV survives!!!! hee hee ;)