Friday, November 30, 2007

That time of the week again..

Well another week has passes.. I had an O.K week, trained legs and abs and did RPM Saturday, arms Sunday, chest and abs Monday, Tuesday I was a slacker, Wednesday I had the best back and shoulder workout I'm getting a lot stronger, Thursday was another slack day and so was today .. Need more focus. We bought a new car today a Dodge Avenger brand new, black one for my husband. That was exciting. I've had a bad week at work, they are really giving me the shits... I have a family holiday booked for 2 weeks in June to Queensland already booked and paid for and I put in for holidays last week. They came back to me today and said can you change the dates!!! Not bloody happy, stuff them I'm not changing. The quicker I can get my cert III and IV done the better.. :(
Next week I want to focus on training more, I just don't seem to have any motivation at the moment. It's probably the time of year, everything going on.. Can't wait till the new year and I start my count down to March.. Probably won't get time off to compete in Melbourne.... The stinkin job only gave me 4 days off to get married... I feel like screaming, I'm so crabby...
Tomorrow I'll train Legs, Bum and Abs then I have my work dinner and a hens night to attend!!! I'm the driver so it should be an interesting night. Sunday we'll do church and maybe go for a nice ride on the Harley. It's been beautiful weather in Tassie, I love summer!!!
Have a good weekend everyone,
I'll make sure I blog more next week. Keeps me accountable if I set small goals..

Take care xx


Nic said...

Hi Ursula,

Thanks for dropping by my blog. Congrats on a 1st place for your first comp. You looked fabulous.

Jenny Lynn was fantastic as a trainer for comps. You send her photos weekly and she tells you exactly what she wants you to do each week (cardio, weights, diet, supplements everything). If I do another comp I would go back to her.

I will be interested to read your progress to your next comp. Good luck, Nic

Antigone said...

I hope you had a great weekend to make up for your bad week at work!