Saturday, April 4, 2009

Great Holiday

I just spent 2 weeks away in Queensland and a few days in Melbourne, back to work and training tomorrow and D day starts as well, I went to the INBA Melb Title yesterday and was kicking myself that I didn't pull my finger out a 12 weeks ago, there was NO Open competitors so to qualify for the Olympia couldn't have been easier!!! No, I like a challenge and would rather compete against 12 girls and win rather than have it handed to me... There was only 40m competitors in total and there wasn't any sports model either, which I must say I wasn't unhappy about cause they give me the shits!! Out of the 40 people to compete there was 10 representing Tassie, I must have started something down there!!! I think the INBA should do a show down there, would be fun!!! I had a ball in Qld catching up with my brother and some good friends, I went sailing went to Noosa, went out, relaxed met the most perfect human specimen ever created, I have a new favourite nationality Brazilian's specifically by the name of Gus!!! Yum, that's all I can say.... I was spellbinded... 
I stayed with Al in Melbourne it was great to see him again, he makes me smile!!! I hope everyone is well, I'm starting my You Tube diary tomorrow so look out for it, should be interesting to watch the progress over the next 12 weeks... I'll probably do a few weeks then post it.... 
Take care xx


Em said...

I love your post about being single I so hear you!
I was trapped for 8 years now I am single I have to admit I love it and cant see it changing hehe.

Sounds like you have recharged your batteries and now ready to get stuck into it!

Cant wait to see the youtube vids.

Have a smasshing week hun.

Anonymous said...

Ursula how are your you tube vid's coming along? Have you started filming yet? :o)

Lia xx