Monday, April 13, 2009

Video Diary 1 Done

Hi everyone I hope you all had a wonderful easter, I have done my first online video and will post it after 4 weeks, doing one every week, oh I have so far to go!!! SHIT...
Training has been going well and diet on track but hopefully the drop will start to happen quicker rather than later, I did stair work for cardio this morning with my friend Olivia and another chick called Donna who is trying to loose some weight, and weight training at 4 this afternoon, and some more cardio.
I'm heading to Melb again in 5 weeks to watch some friends compete in a NABBA show, so hopefully I'm looking a little more respectful by then..
I've been keeping in touch with Gus, the Brazilian I met on holidays, he is such a sweet guy, thought I'd share a picture with you all, all I can say is YUM!!! He He
My life in general is really good at the moment, finally at the point where I'm happy being on my own, and looking forward to the future whatever that may bring. I still miss my husband and wonder what my life would be like right now if we were still together, I bet I wouldn't have 14kg to get rid off!! I miss the extra cardio... No only myself to blame, me and food not a good mix!!!
I hope your all happy and training hard xx


Kitty said...

Hi there! I'm Kitty the chronic lurker, but I'm going the immediate de-lurk to utterly concur!


Friday said...

Hey You..
Hmmmm, vey hot!
Im glad you are doing better on yr own. Are you competing in Melbourne? I might get down to that show and say hello.

Vicki said...

Hey Ursula, glad things are on the up for you :) You are certainly sounding happier which is awesome. I know you are gonna come up looking FAB for comp!!

Vicki x
PS - nice pic babe, you got yourself a catch there!!

SeLiNa said...

All brazilians I've met are hot.

I want one!

Hey guess what chickadee - I'm off to the All Females too!!! Yay - will be cool to meet in the flesh, not that there will be much of that stuff left ;)