Sunday, January 11, 2009


I ended up having a bad day Friday, I couldn’t go to work I didn’t talk to anyone and didn’t want to see anyone, lets hope these kind of days go away very soon.
On a brighter note the rest of the weekend was much nicer. I had a great weekend, trained Saturday back and tri’s, went to Hobart with Glenn, stayed at the Grand Chancellor and enjoyed a lovely meal at Hogs Breath Café, if you have ever been there and had one of their famous Rocky Road ice cream’s for dessert… you know just how much I ate, (Thanks Glenn, LOL) then I had no room left for the champagne and chocolate coated strawberries back in the room, but I tried my best and it was beautiful!!!!
We enjoyed a massage Sunday morning then had some breakfast before heading back home, went out for a meal for a friends birthday lastnight… So the weekend was spent in great company but with lots of bad food…. Back into good eating and training today… Staying at a GF house tonight to go over my best friends hen’s night, not sure what were organising for her but it has to be fun, she’s deserves the best night ever, she has been there for me in the last 7 months more than anyone and I can’t return the favour for her but the least I can do is make sure she has the best hen’s night and wedding. So if anyone has any suggestions for hen’s party games let me know… Leg training tonight and some cardio, so I’m guessing the legs will be sore again for almost a week!~!!!

Hope everyone had a great weekend….

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