Monday, February 11, 2008

Last day at Call Centre

Well it's the final day of my job that I have had for 3 years, not sure how to feel, I'll be glad to do something different for a while but I will miss everyone that works here, there is about 100 people in my centre. Oh well they will just have to come and visit me at my new job. I just have to look forward to the better hours and this will help with my training and contest prep, so that’s my focus for this year so anything that will help that the better.. The photo's I have posted I found on friends my space pages, one is of me and Wendy, she came second to me in my first comp, she looked great and went on to compete internationally she did very well and the other is of my bestest friend in the world Mel. We had lunch together on the weekend, we went to a little Greek restaurant at Gravely Beach, it’s right on the water it was lovely, she also did my hair and I did hers. We hair dressed together for about 2 years. I may be off line for a while as I won't be at work, but I have ordered computer for home but I will blog in the meantime when I can get hold of a computer. I'm hoping to post some pictures soon as it is only only 11 weeks to show day!!! I hope everyone is well and thank you for all your comments lately.
Take care xx


Raechelle said...

Wow-11 weeks already....It's gonna fly! Can't wait to see your progress pics!

Antigone said...

Good luck hun :)
I hope you settle into your new job smoothly and enjoy it :)
Can't wait to see the pics hun its great that you will be able to fit training in easier.
I hope the rest of your week flies by hun :)

Antigone said...

How you going hun?
Hope your comp prep is going well:)

Charlotte Orr said...

Hi Ursula, how are you? Hope everything is going well.