Friday, February 8, 2008

Great week

The week has been great, I've put in lots of hard training sessions and food intake has been good. I'm still feeling strong, can still manage 27 wide grip chin ups so while I can still manage them I know I'm feeling good.

Only 2 more days at my old job then I have a week off with my husband and then into our new jobs!! Can't wait, the hours will work in so much better Mon-Fri 8.30am to 5pm with training. I'll aim to do 1h cardio 6am then work and then train 1 body part 5 days 45min then 1h cardio then home for tea and early to bed. Sounds like a dream compared to my routine at the moment..

I will be able to train with Chris more, he likes to push his wife to her limit and I love it.. I always train harder with a partner, makes it feel more worthwhile.

I'm having my hair done on Sunday and going out for lunch with some girlfriends. Working all day Saturday from 8am to 6pm... Long Saturday :(

Have a great weekend everyone



Lyndsay said...

27 WG chins? OMG! I'm impressed.

Ursula Beck said...

Thanks babe, I think even my husband is suprised!! I can't do them consecutive it's usually 10,10then 7 ish!!!

Anonymous said...

27 widegrip chinups!! Im very very impressed.

Hope you have a great week

Charlotte Orr said...

Wow, great effort on the chins! Enjoy your holiday and best wishes for the new job.

Raechelle said...

Good job on the chin-ups!
I got my shoes through a US company called - they ship quickly-but the sizes run small-I always wear a 7 but had to return them for an 8-but now that I know-it'll be worth it because even with the exchange and shipping it's only about $70 Australian-it wasn't worth it the first time though since I had to pay to ship back and reship the new ones-so didn't save much-but they ship fast-I got the shoes in 10 days.

Antigone said...

Gosh you are one tough chicken to pump out 27 chin ups, You are my new hero :) I managed to squeeze out one or two LOL
I hope your having a lovely sunday and that your hair looks amazing :)
Have a great week :)

Raechelle said...

Hey again! I got the clear platform mules-but be sure to order one size bigger than you always wear in regular pumps.
Right now it's just me and hubby prepping me-DI from Fabulous Figures will work up my 12 week diet and training prep-I'm meeting up with her in May for posing practice and routine choreography.