Thursday, March 19, 2009

Something Different

Things I LIKE about being single

1. Only having to clean up after myself
2. Watching what I want on T.V
3. Me being the only one spending MY money
4. Go to bed when I want
5. Go where I want, when I want
6. Meeting new people that I would not normally have met
7. Only cooking one lot of meals
8. Not having to be rude to men because you don't want to have to explain or feel like your doing the wrong thing by your beloved
9. Not having to think for a second person
10. Only having to pay for your own bills
11. Not having to worry about being lied to or hurt by anyone
12. Having the whole bed to myself
13. Doing only my washing
14. Being excited about finding someone to truly love me for me
15. Having no restrictions and not have someone say "I'd rather if you didn't"
16. Spending more time with friends
17. When dieting not having to worry about being crabby
18. Not having to share

Things I miss about NOT being single

1. That daily phone call even though you know you wake up and go to sleep next to them every day
2. Cuddles
3. Kisses
4. Training partner
5. Knowing your someones special someone
6. Cooking meals for them
7. Picking up there clothes
8. Having that person to share anything and everything with
9. Laying on the couch intertwined watching our favourite T.V shows
10. Going to the movies and dinner
11. Singing in the car together
12. Motorbike rides
13. Mind blowing SEX!!!
14. Laughing and just being able to be myself
15. Pet names that are made up for each other
16. Planning or dreaming things for the future
17. That empty feeling that your alone
18. Seeing something shopping that your partner would love and just buying it cause you know he'll enjoy it
19. Having that person tell you everything will be o.k when something goes wrong
20. Cuddles
21. Sick days staying in bed together ALL day
22. Spending time with that person and thinking that nothing else matters
23. Knowing you can do or say anything to someone and they still tell you they love you
24. Having showers together
25. Being supportive of the other persons dreams and ambitions
26. Feeling needed by someone
27. Being loved by someone unconditionally
28. Cuddles
29. That butterfly feeling you get when you look them in the eye
30. Worrying you may never get any of this again
31. Missing that person when there not around like a drug
31. Cuddles
32. Pinching there food when your out for dinner cause they always seem to pick better stuff than you
33. Having to start from scratch AGAIN
33. Oh and Cuddles

xx oo xx


Friday said...

Goooood post... I wish I thought of it.

Craig said...

Great post,only wish i was the lucky guy.

Anonymous said...

Awesome post Ursula - have to say from experience, the one and ONLY thing that helped me get through my divorce and my last heart breaking long term relationship was to learn to like myself again. I became so dependant on someone else - i lost my self esteem along the way. i still have this issue. BUT i did learn to like who i am, what i stood for, AND was not going to change that for anyone. what you see is what you get. You are getting stronger by the day. You will eventually let go of the past and be a much stronger person for it. Believe me xx