Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Just the thing I needed... Fun, fun, fun

Hi everyone, I have a fabulous weekend in Melbourne. I went to the Pro Show at the Dallas Brooks Centre.. Saw the big boys battle it out and all I have to say is WOW!!! Kai Greene what a super performer... None better, he is so professional yet fun and entertaining to watch... I went for dinner with a group of friends including P.J Mr Fit2Fat himself and Ellena Tsatsos, who I have competed against before but had never really had a chance to get to know her, she's a great chick also I was lucky enough to meet Donny Henderson Smith and his partner Haley, in the flesh for the first time, there such a beautiful couple!!! I want what they have... LOL

I stayed with my good friend Al White and we had a nice Sunday together and then went for Pizza Night which is a tradition the group have every Sunday night, I was even tempted to take on P.J in an eating comp!!! His belly is so funny, he got up on stage at the Pro Show and I could not stop laughing, he looks like E.T!!! Very cute... I had the best pancakes EVER and I mean EVER at a restaurant in Chappell Street, they had yogurt and blueberry's on them oh my god I cant tell you how good they were... MMMMMMMMMMMM.. Most people go there to shop and I go there to eat!!!

I saw a few people over the weekend that will be competing at the All Female's against me not naming any names but let me tell you I need to pull the finger out and start some serious dieting... This person was looking great, but I know at my best I will look better.... The time has come to stop making excuses, GAME ON BITCHES!!! (In a nice way!!)

I love Melbourne, I'm thinking sometime during the year I may end up moving over there.

All in all I had a fab weekend, thanks to everyone on your thoughts on the You Tube thing, I'm going to start it when I get back from Holidays..... I can't wait I travel to Brisbane on Sunday to stay with my younger brother who lives up there, he got drafted with the Brisbane Lions last year so I haven't seen him since Christmas, then I'll go down to the Gold Coast for about a week then I travel back down to Melb for another 4 days and will go and watch the Melb Title, probably wishing I'de pulled my finger out a long time ago...... Oh well, now is the time and look out!!!! Hope to catch up with any of you that may be in Brisbane, GC or Melb while I'm there... Hope everyone is well xxx


Friday said...

Melbourne would love to have you darlin! You sound so much better now. Will be watching yr progress and cant wait to see you compete again.
Hugs for you

Craig said...

Hi Ursula

I have heard you are looking to get hold of some aussie egg whites,but at the moment you cant get them in Tassie.I am looking at taking them on just need to get to know how many people down here are really that interested so it is worth my while.

Thanks Craig ( B C S )

Charlotte Orr said...

I agree with Friday - it would be great to have you here!