Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Hi there everyone, hope you're all well... Just a quick post to tell everyone I'm moving to the Gold Coast in 7 weeks, to start a new life by myself... I'm really looking fwd to the sea change and to be able to focus on training and winning an Australian Title!! (Hopefully)
I've decided to postpone the America Trip for Olympia till next year, give myself another 12 months of training so I can go over with more experience and knowledge, not to mention more money!!!

I'll be living in Southport with a girl I met on Facebook who works with the team at ASN, hopefully in the new year a position with the company will come up and I'll be able to work with something I love... "The Industry"

I'm travelling to Melbourne on the Spirit of Tassie and arriving in time to help out at the Vic Title on the 4th Oct, hope to see many of you there.. And if you need a hand backstage, give me a yell!!!

I'm then road tripping to Qld by myself, god help me.... I'll probably end up in Adelaide!!! Competing in the INBA Aussie Title on 18th Oct then taking myself on well deserved holiday to Thailand with some friends... So all in all lots going on.

My husband and I are no longer together and I just hope his 19 year old girlfriend makes him happy!!! (until the bills, washing, ironing, groceries, cooking, cleaning, takes a hold lol!!)
Time to find someone who will love me as much as I love them......
What has taken place in the last few weeks will only make me a stronger person, inside.... I'm sure all you lovely ladies out there who have been through similar hear me!!

Well everyone train hard and be happy,

will post again soon..... xxxx


Ezza said...

Hey babe... as I said to you at the All Females, you are such a strong inspirational woman... to be where you are as an athlete is one thing, but despite what is going on in your private life! Of course the 19 y.o. will make him very happy... until she becomes who she really is (apparently we don't 'grow into' our personalities until at least 25), and her metabolism catches up with her! hehehe evil I know, but true. Stay strong you beautiful thing. xoxox

Jadey said...

Hey hon,

Give me a yell when you arrive at the GC! That's where I live so we will have to catch up!

I've been where you are.... when I was 20. Life moves on as you already know and it gets better every single day, trust me! Then you fall in love again only this time, you really know what it's like to be truly loved! It will happen for you gorgeous but in the meantime, enjoy the time on your own! I'm jealous of your holiday coming up!! lol

Jadey xx

Raechelle said...

Wow-sounds like you have a great attitude with all that's happening-your life sounds like it's on a real positve road. Good luck! Too bad you won't be in Southport a week earlier for the QLD titles!

Shar said...

Hey Ursula
What alot going on for you!!
Good luck with your move, comps and make sure you enjoy your holiday!!
As far as your husband goes, you are so right, you will find someone who is right for you that loves you as much as you love them.

Shar xxx

Tara said...

Hiya Ursula, I was wondering how you were going with everything. How exciting moving up to the Goldie :o) I am sure it will be fantastic for you and you will get that job you are after too!! I agree with Raechelle though, shame that you are not going to be here for the Qld titles, to watch not to compete that is, lol ;p

I can't wait to meet you at the Nationals!!

Have a safe trip up and enjoy urself along the way.

Tara xxx

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your move and I look forward to catching up with you at the Vic Titles. ;o) xxx

Splice said...

Time to start a new life and where better to start but up here on the Gold Coast :-)

I hope it all goes well for you and I can't wait to meet up with you when you settle in.

Take care,

Magda said...

Hey Ursula,

what goes around, comes around (for your ex). Trust me, love and marriage can be better the second time around. I admire your spirit and your positive outlook.



Charlotte Orr said...

Hey Ursula, yes I will be competing at the Vic titles. Look forward to seeing you there. I'm sure you will do great on the Gold Coast.

LizN said...

Best of luck with your move Ursula. Life is too short not to love and be loved back in return.

Nic said...

Hi Ursula,
Good luck with the move. I am sure you will love the GC and will never look back.
Take care,

Tanz said...

Hey there Ursula

Firstly..... congrats on your all Females victory..... god damn you looked AWESOME. Second, best of luck with the move to GC.... seriously the place to be, I am sooooo jealous. Third, another congrats on the ASN sponsorship.... well done and well deserved. And last (and in this case definately least)...... The ex of yours obviously has a brain tumour or something lettin you go. But as everyone has said you need to get back what you put in, and you will find the one right for you when its right for you..... so keep smiling.

Em said...

You looked stunning at the All Females you should be very proud of yourself :)

I am sorry to hear about your marriage break up but you have got the inner strength of 10 soilders and I know you will make the best of your new life in sunny QLD.

Good luck hun :)


Anonymous said...

So how is everything now that you've moved and settled on the Gold Coast? :o) xxx