Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My Breast Augmentation

I have read a few blogs where people are having, have had,or want to have a breast augmentation. I thought I would share my experience with everyone, let me know if you have any questions.....
For me I have always loved boobs, and unfortunately I was not blessed with any of my own. If I had put on weight I had a small amount but if I lost weight they would be the first to go. (Shame love handles don't disappear as quickly!!)
I decided after a long term break up that I needed to do things I wanted, feeling like it had been a long time since that had happened, so I went out and bought a new car and Boobs!!
I met my now husband about 3 months before I had the appointment, I was straight up with him and told him what I was having done. I was stoked that he was in male heaven, with the idea!! You never know what people may think, but I was doing this for myself and that was that!!!
I had to decide on size and shape, I was so indecisive I left it up to my highly recommended surgeon to guide me through the process. He was great I wanted nice size breast without looking like a freak, but also didn't want to look like I hadn't had them done.
I decided on round, silicon, above the muscle 340 cc, my incisions were along the crease of the breast and now 9 months later there no more than a faint white line. They cost me $6000.00 including everything.
I was so excited before the surgery, I couldn't wait. The po took around 1 hour and when I was out of recovery all I wanted to do was sleep. I woke up the next day and could not wait to see my new best friends!!
I had my surgery at 6pm and was out of hospital by 10am the following day. A little bit stiff but not to bad the worst part was having the drains pulled out that lasted all of 20 seconds each side but it was a really funny feeling... I remember getting home and having a shower and looking down and I was in ore( I had cleavage for the first time ever!!) The pain was good I think I only had a couple of panadol over a period of 4 days, the hardest thing was getting dressed and un dressed. I only took a week off work, I felt great. There was slight bruising and swelling but all in all great outcome.
I got married about a month after surgery and look at how beautiful my dress looked with breasts!!
I went for 4 after surgery check ups and to now look at the before and after is funny because I can't remember now what it was like not to have them. The size was perfect if you saw me and didn't know me you would just think I had a great set of boobs, not oh look at her fake tits!! They fit my frame well and look very natural. Only when I dieted down for my competition you could tell with no clothes on they were fake. They looked very round without body fat and fluid over them. But because I love boobs I now wish they were bigger. But as my beautiful husband said " then you'd be just the girl with the big fake boobs and no one would bother to look at the beautiful person you are inside" he's right they don't need to be bigger, it must be you get used to them and other people see them as bigger than you think they are. Since my positive experience 5 people I know have had them done, all saying if it wasn't for me it would have only been a dream... All in all I love them and it's the best money I have ever spent. For the first time I found out how good it was to spend money on myself.. The men have their toys and now i've got mine!! LOL

Take care xx


Anonymous said...

Greast post, it's money well spent if you ask me. :o)

Dianna Broeren said...

It was great to hear about your experience Ursula. Everytime I diet down I think I should get mine done!

I moved into helping people prepare for comps last October. I had my first client in Oct 06 and over the last year I have helped 8more people achieve their competition dreams. It is an area I thoroughly enjoy and bring my own very unique style to. I get such a buzz out of it - as you have experienced - competitions are great fun : )


Splice said...

I LOVED reading your post :-) Thank you so much. I can't wait to get mine done now lol.
It's so amazing how fast the recovery is after the operation, it's great.
Thanks again,

Ursula Beck said...

I agree!! LOL