Thursday, November 8, 2007

Hitting it hard

I'm back from Melbourne, had a ball except for the rain. It did not stop.. I've had dramas with the computer again, locked me out so I haven't been able to send the photo's to Charlotte (SORRY) Will get on to it A.S.A.P
I should not have access to computers I suck...
I'm going to have a play around today ant try and set my blog up as nice as you guy's... Any tips send them my way!!
I trained back and shoulders Wednesday night with my husband, he's the king of shoulders so we pushed the limit and I'm still feeling it, a good ache!!
Did 45min walk Thursday and Friday Heart Rate between 127 and 145.
Chris and I set training schedule for the next 6 weeks
Monday - Chest, Abs 45 min Cardio
Tuesday - 45 Cardio
Wednesday- Back and Shoulders, 45 min Cardio
Thursday- Arms, Abs, 45 min Cardio
Friday - 45 min Cardio
Saturday - Legs, Abs, 45 min Cardio
Sunday - Off
This is the plan, I need to keep trying to eat clean during the week and enjoy my Sundays as a free day of eating and workouts... Mind you I have decided to give up smoking as of this week so that's doing my head in also.. I feel like I have lost my best friend!! How ridiculous, it would be a lot easier if I felt 100 times better for not smoking, I feel like SHIT, but I'm hoping it will get better.. Going to the gym tomorrow with a friend that came to my competition with me, I think I gave her the bug, she wants to set a goal for 12 months and give it a go... I was in the local paper last week, It's amazing how many girls want to now do figure!! Not sure they fully understand the determination, effort and time that is put in, I had no idea before I started how much was involved, but I loved every minute of it.


Kie said...

Best of luck with giving up smoking. You hit the nail on the head, it is exactly like losing your best friend. Stick with it you'll be a healthier person before you know it (o:
Kie xx

Tara said...

Hiya Ursula, thanks for your comment in my blog. the island is Great Keppel in Qld. We went there for our honeymoon. it is simply beautiful. Good luck with quitting smoking. I am sure given time you will be grateful that you did. Yay @ being in the paper too!! :)

Enjoy ur training.

Tara :o)

Charlotte Orr said...

Hi Ursula, thanks for the note about the photos. Your blog is looking good - I like the black background. My husband loves training shoulders too - hates legs though. Have a great weekend!

Magda said...

Hi Ursula,

I understand your final comment about the whole comp prep thing. Heeeuge time commitment and it HAS to be a lifestyle. Cant say I enjoyed EVERY minute but wjen it came to being on stage WOOOHOOO I luuuuurved it. I'm addicted now.



Charlotte Orr said...

Hi Ursula, thanks for the photos! I couldn't see your number in the email so wasn't able to send you a txt to say I'd received them. Training is going well, but have had heaps of work on lately so am feeling a bit tired. Will be glad when this week's over. I reckon you would have done really well at the nationals. Sounds like you're all fired up for next year though. Any luck finding a trainer to help you out? PS, did you get the photos through Brendan Breen? If so, what did you think of them? Am still trying to decide if I should order some off him. Thanks, Charlotte