Monday, November 12, 2007

Another Week

Saturday I went to the gym and did legs and abs, body weight lunges, squats etc and a some standing and seated hamstring work. I can never seem to get a good enough ab workout, think I must be doing something wrong. I was sore on Sunday but not as sore as I would have liked for the amount I thought I worked them... Sunday I went for a walk with my dog for an hour, then I had a friends little girl's first birthday B.B.Q. I don't drink so this is an easier time of year for me than most, I enjoyed a nice salad and some steak then I went and picked Chris my husband up from the airport he was in Melbourne again.. I had Monday off work as I suffer from Meniere's Disease and had an attack Monday morning, I ended up spending the day with Chris we went for a long walk and went to the gym in the afternoon and worked bi's and tri's, there really sore today, I love training with Chris he pushes me harder than anyone but it feels great the next day knowing it's made a difference. Today I went for a run and now I'm at work for 10 hours, YAY. Tomorrow's day off also and it's back and shoulders with Chris. My eating has been not good, I just can't get motivated to keep eating clean. I've put on 2kg more than I wanted already and know I'm going to hate getting it back off after Christmas, ready for March. I really liked my body for about 4 weeks 3 before the comp and 1 after, it's amaizing how quickly it changes. I must hold a lot of fluid, I'm so smooth again... Wish I could hold it for longer, guess I just have to get used to the fact I cant eat shit!!! All the things I enjoy I will have to stay away from if I want to look good all the time.. Oh well the things we do. Take care everyone....

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