Sunday, November 18, 2007


I counted how many weeks my next competition is, and I was shocked to see it was only 18 weeks away!! I'm very excited about getting on stage and hopefully qualifying to compete in Queensland at Nationals in October next year. I have a friend Karen Flaherty travelling to compete in INBA Natural Olympia tomorrow and I hope she does well and enjoys every minute of her experience. I'm hoping to compete next year at the same competition but it's in Mexico next year.

Training: Going well, trained LEGS and ABS on Saturday and did PILATE'S. Sunday I went to the gym and did my first RPM class since my competition then I followed that by a PUMP class. Today I trained ARMS and did 15min sprint/walks on the treadmill.

Eating: Going OK, better now it's nice weather. It's so much easier to eat salad when it's hot. 60kg at the moment 5kg gained since comp, but feel great very strong. Would like to maintain this weight until I start dieting again so I can leave dieting as late as possible to hold as much muscle as I can. I lost quite a bit of size last time, I was quite surprised!! Still enjoying my one day a week at having whatever I feel like. Will start cutting things out of diet on New Years Day..


Charlotte Orr said...

Hi Ursula,
You might want to check if you have qualified for the Nationals in October 2008 already? The INBA website says 'All competitors must qualify to compete at the Australian titles by achieving one of the the year prior (2007)...Won a division at a State title and did not compete in the Australian Titles' Glad to hear your training and eating is all going well.
Cheers, Charlotte

Splice said...

Perhaps we will get a chance to meet when you come up to Qld :-)

I didn't realize you prepped yourself at your last!! How much second guessing did you go through?? I would hate to think.
But you did such a great job, congratulations.

Antigone said...

Hi Ursual,
I am new to the bodybuildidng world but i rerckon i am getting the bug :)
Hope to see you on stage one day :)
Keep up the great work hun :)